Is Your AC Coolant Running Low?

As you try to maintain your air conditioning unit to extend its durability, you need to keep an eye on the refrigerant level. Although the refrigerant runs in a closed system, sometimes, there may be leaks that will lower the coolant level. The main cause of coolant leaks is wear and tear, which occurs when using your AC unit. But how can you tell if your coolant is running low, and what can you do about it? [Read More]

Is Your HVAC System Thwarting Your Sleep? It Just Might Be.

Each individual varies in their need for sleep. While there's no official 'sleep number,' experts at the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) suggest that adults need between seven and nine hours daily. Many often believe that a comfortable mattress is the primary key to great sleep. However, temperature and humidity also play important roles, which we'll explain here. How Temperature Impacts Sleep When you are sleeping, the body's natural core temperature lowers by one or two degrees. [Read More]

Fryer Parts Restaurant Owners Should Keep On-Hand

Commercial fryers are known for being pretty long-lived and durable. However, there are certain parts that can fail from time to time. When this happens, you don't want it to slow down your service and stop you from using the fryer for any longer than necessary. Keeping the following commercial fryer parts on hand will allow you to make the most common repairs at a moment's notice. Baskets Commercial fryers typically come with perfectly sized baskets that fit inside the fryer basin and hook over the side. [Read More]

How to Determine If Your Furnace Needs Attention

If your furnace has been working hard for you this winter, then it's high time you checked on it. Perhaps you've noticed that it's been working overtime, or that it's emitting unusual noises. In any case, it's a good idea to have your furnace serviced to ensure that it's running at peak efficiency and keeping you and your family warm for the winter. Your furnace should also be serviced more often if you live in an area that experiences frequent weather changes. [Read More]