Signs You Need To Service Your Furnace

Furnace maintenance is crucial if you want your furnace to serve you well during winter. Sadly, most people forget to service their furnaces because they only use them during winter. You must service your furnace every year or before the winter season starts. Here are some indicators that you need to service your furnace.

Increasing Heating Bill

You must keep tabs on your heating bills every year. And if you notice that your bills keep increasing, you should invite an HVAC technician. It's abnormal for your heating bills to increase unless you have been using the furnace a lot. But if there is no explanation for the increase in the bills, you should have the furnace serviced. Once your furnace has been tuned, your bills will return to normal.

Strange Noises

Noise from your furnace should never be ignored. In most cases, the noises indicate that your furnace has worn out or has loose parts. Therefore, you'll need to service the furnace to correct the issue. Once the furnace maintenance has been done, the odd noises will disappear. So watch out for banging, screeching, rattling, clanking, and chirping noises.

Changes in Airflow

Have you noticed that your furnace no longer blows air normally? Well, that's an indicator that your furnace needs servicing. Your furnace will only have a weaker airflow due to dirty ductwork, leaking ductwork, and dirty air filters. That said, you must call a technician to do the maintenance work before encountering expensive future repairs.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is yet another indicator that you also ought to watch out for. Once your furnace starts to shut down and turn itself on every time, you must check it. In most cases, short cycling happens due to a lack of maintenance work. 

So, if you experience such problems, ask your technician to service your furnace. The technician will check if the burners and flame sensors are dirty. They'll also check to see if the furnace has a malfunctioning ignitor or dirty filters. 

You Haven't Serviced Your Furnace in Years

Furnace maintenance must be done annually to prevent repairs. Sadly, not all homeowners take furnace maintenance seriously. Some go for years without calling an HVAC technician to service their furnace. 

Unfortunately, such mistakes are quite costly. So, even if you have been getting away with it, you should call a technician to service your furnace before it develops problems. Reach out to a heating maintenance service near you to learn more.