3 Common Questions Asked About Clogged Sewers

It is not a secret that most homeowners and residents often forget to clean their drainage systems. As such, the accumulation of food particles can easily result in blocked drains, creating havoc on your property. For instance, you may experience unpleasant smells from the drains and gurgling sounds. Eventually, all your drain pipes may start pooling water slowly, resulting in flooded areas in the house, especially the kitchen and bathroom drains. Thus, you must understand that calling professional sewer cleaning services to clear your blocked drains is crucial. Here are answers to common questions regarding clogged sewers.

How Do Clogged Sewers Relate to Waterborne Diseases?

It is essential to understand that when your drainage system pools water slowly, it may result in flooding, including your kitchen and bathrooms. The flooded water may carry harmful bacteria and pathogens, so if left untreated or unchecked, these pathogens may multiply, causing various diseases harmful to your health. A clogged sewer may also contain the same pathogens that seep into your drinking water, contaminating it. So, if you drink or come into contact with contaminated water, there is a chance you may start experiencing stomach infections such as cholera, typhoid, or E-coli infection. You may also exhibit abdominal pain, vomiting, and nausea. That said, consider contacting sewer cleaning services to clean and disinfect your sewer lines and repair the damaged plumbing systems in your home.

Does a Clogged Sewer Cause Pest Infestation?

Some pests thrive in unclean water. Thus, if you have a blocked drainage system or sewer lines, there is a chance there is no proper water flow, filtration, or eradication of wastewater. Accumulating grime and dirt in these clogged drains may attract pests, including mice and cockroaches. These clogged drains also serve as entry points into your home, carrying all the germs and infections that could cause illnesses. Suppose you start noticing a lot of mosquitoes and cockroaches in your home, consider scheduling sewer cleaning services. These professionals are well-trained in pest control and sewer cleaning, ensuring your home is protected.

Can a Clogged Sewer Cause Odor in the House?

Blocked drainage and sewer systems may result in water stagnation, which translates to lousy odors. The smells often make their way into your home. Continuous exposure to toxic sewer fumes may result in poor indoor air quality that may affect your health. For example, in most cases, odors may cause headaches, dizziness, and nausea, while those allergies may have severe respiratory problems. That said, consider hiring sewer cleaning services — such as Bud's Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning & Electric — to eliminate the smelly waters and repair the clogged drains to reduce the odors.