What Are Some Of The Common Reasons Residential Air Conditioners Malfunction?

To stay cool during the summer months, you'll need to keep your residential air conditioner running smoothly. Problems leading to air conditioning system malfunction can happen at any time, making your interior living space unbearably hot and uncomfortable. The good news is that most problems that cause AC failure can be repaired by an experienced HVAC technician. Keep reading to learn about the various problems that are often found when repairing air conditioning equipment. [Read More]

Guide to Faulty Furnace Pilot Lights

A gas furnace can't function properly without a working pilot light. Troubleshooting the issues is necessary if your furnace suffers a pilot light failure. Basic Assembly The pilot assembly is relatively straightforward. It consists of the fuel line that delivers the gas and the fuel valve where the light burns. The pilot itself is controlled by a thermocouple, which is a safety device that shuts off the fuel if the pilot light goes out. [Read More]

How Homeowners Can Handle Their Plumbing Services

When you are in need of the highest standard of professional plumbing service, you can't half-step when it comes time to make a decision. Hiring the right pros for the job is a task that every homeowner will need to handle at some point. The key is knowing which plumbing issues need the most attention, what type of plumbing maintenance your household needs, and how you can choose the highest quality professionals to handle the work. [Read More]

2 Noises From Your Central A/C Unit That Indicate The Need For Immediate Professional Attention

When your home's central air conditioner is running, you may be used to the low humming sound or the occasional popping noise coming from the unit. However, lately, you may have started hearing concerning sounds that are hard to ignore. If you hear one of the noises below coming from your home's central A/C unit, these indicate that it needs the attention of a professional as soon as possible. 1.  High-Pitched Noises That Sound like Screaming [Read More]