2 Noises From Your Central A/C Unit That Indicate The Need For Immediate Professional Attention

When your home's central air conditioner is running, you may be used to the low humming sound or the occasional popping noise coming from the unit. However, lately, you may have started hearing concerning sounds that are hard to ignore. If you hear one of the noises below coming from your home's central A/C unit, these indicate that it needs the attention of a professional as soon as possible.

1.  High-Pitched Noises That Sound like Screaming

One noise that you may hear coming from your central air conditioner that should be cause for alarm is a high-pitched noise heard while the unit is running. This sound will sound like someone is stuck inside and screaming at the top of their voice.

If you are hearing this sound, the most likely cause is an excessive buildup of pressure within the condenser. If pressure starts to build up, the air and coolant that runs within the compressor will start to push against the inside casing. 

As the pressure becomes higher, the air will start to escape through any tiny holes or cracks that it can find. If you continue running the air conditioner when there is high pressure within the compressor, the part could explode. As soon as you hear this noise, turn off your A/C unit, and do not run it until you can have someone from a repair service look at it.

2.  Screeching Sounds That Sound like Metal Rubbing Against Metal

Another sound that should concern you when you hear it coming from your A/C unit is a screeching sound. This sound will resemble the noise made when metal is rubbing and scraping against metal.

If you are hearing this sound, the issue is likely caused by bad bearings within the fan's motor. There may not be enough lubrication to prevent excessive friction, or their surfaces may have already become worn down. 

If you continue to run the unit, the bearings will wear down to the point that the motor could burn up. The bearings will need to be replaced by a professional as soon as possible.

If you hear either of the sounds above coming from your home's A/C unit, you will need to have it looked at by a professional immediately to keep from further damage being done. Turn off your air conditioner, and contact a contractor who offers HVAC repair services near you to have them come out as soon as possible to inspect the unit and fix any problem areas that they may find.