Getting Your AC Ready For Summer? 4 Sounds You Should Listen For

Now that the weather is finally getting warmer, you'll need to start prepping your air conditioner for summer. One way to make sure it's ready for use is to listen to the sound of things. You might not realize this, but you can tell a lot about your air conditioner from the sounds that it makes. When you start your air conditioner up for the first time this summer, spend some time listening for strange sounds. [Read More]

Maintaining Your Furnace's Blower

Your heating system is an intricate network of components that work together to produce hot air. Without a system that is working efficiently, it can be challenging to keep your home's interior a comfortable temperature. Many homeowners overlook the importance of maintaining their furnace's blower. The blower plays a critical role in helping to push heated air out of the furnace and into your home's air ducts. Failure to maintain the blower could compromise the function of your home's heating system as a whole. [Read More]

How To Troubleshoot Furnace Humming And Buzzing

When the weather turns cold, you want your heating system to work properly. Furnaces make many natural noises during operation, but a humming or buzzing sound is not usually normal. Failure to troubleshot and fix the noises could cause your furnace to quit completely. You should be able to find source of the humming or buzzing yourself by following these troubleshooting tips. Inspect the Blower Motor Humming noises can commonly be traced to the blower motor. [Read More]

Tips That Can Help Save You Money On Your Monthly Utility Bills

It can be difficult to cut back on certain things each month in an effort to save you money, especially with utility bills. Nobody wants to sit in the dark or take really short showers in order to save a few bucks. There are things you can do that won't make you feel like you're suffering to help save you money on your heating and air conditioning bills each month. See below for some helpful tips. [Read More]