Causes Of Short-Cycling With Central Air Conditioner Systems

If you have central air in your home, part of the system is located in your house and the other part is outside of your home. The part outside is called the condenser, and it contains a part called the compressor. The compressor is a necessary part of your system, yet there are times when you may discover that the compressor is short-cycling. If this happens, there are several likely causes of it. [Read More]

How To Get The Most Out Of An AC Installation

When you perform an air conditioning installation in a house or a place of business, you want to know that it'll be as long as possible before you need to have an AC replacement done. To accomplish this goal, there are several things you can do at the beginning and over the life of the system. Understanding Capacity Requirements Of the issues that tend to stress units prematurely, especially central air conditioning systems, mismatching a setup to a space that requires more capacity is one of the worst. [Read More]

Cranking The Thermostat And Still Not Getting Warm? Three Things Could Be The Problem

The snows have slapped the Midwest this holiday season with quite a few inches of the wet, white stuff. While it is pretty to see, it has not been fun to keep clearing away. It has not been fun to try keeping your homes warm, either. If you have tried to crank the thermostat in your home this past week, and the house is still too cold and the thermostat registers a chillier temp than you would like, the problem could be one of three things. [Read More]

How A Point-Of-Use Water Heater Will Make Your Life Easier

Needing a new water heater for a home means a big project. First, the old water heater will need to be unplugged, drained, and removed. Once this task has been completed, you will need to find, purchase, and install a brand new water heater. In-between all of this, you will be charged with making sure that the measurements of the new heater will fit in with your old space and making sure that the pipes will work for the new machine. [Read More]