How Can A Plumber Help Lower Your Water Bills?

Are your water bills higher than your neighbors' water bills? You might start employing strategies like taking shorter showers to save water. However, you should also make a call to your plumber. There are a few things a plumber can do to help reduce your water consumption and lower your water bills.

Check for Leaks

Homeowners often assume they don't have any water leaks, but if your bills are excessively high, there may, in fact, be leaks you're not aware of. A leak in the underground pipes leading into your home, for example, might not cause any noticeable signs other than a higher water bill. Toilets can develop hard-to-notice leaks, too, if the water just leaks into the bowl. A plumber can check your home for such leaks, and if they find them, repair the leaks to lower your water bills.

Replace Older Toilets

If you have an older toilet, your plumber can replace it with a newer model that uses less water. Some older toilets use as much as 5 gallons of water per flush, but newer models only use a gallon or two. This adds up over time, especially if you have several family members who all use your home toilet multiple times per day.

Install Water-Efficient Faucets

Another simple change your plumber can make is swapping out older faucets for new, water-efficient ones. These new faucets add a lot of air to the water, so it feels like it is coming out forcefully, even though only a small amount of water is emerging from the faucet. In the same vein, there are water-efficient showerheads that you can install in place of your ordinary showerheads. You'll be able to take longer, satisfying showers again without the sky-high water bills.

Install an On-Demand Water Heater

If you still have a tank-style water heater, you may want to have your plumber install an on-demand water heater in its place. This type of water heater only warms the water as you need it. You won't have to let the water run for a long time until warm water comes out, which will cut down on the amount of water you waste.

A local plumber can be a really helpful ally when it comes to lowering your water bills. Talk to them about making the changes above, and ask if they have any other recommendations to help you conserve water at home.