Air Conditioning System Cleaning For Improved Indoor Air Quality

If you have problems with your air ducts, you want to choose the best solutions to deal with the problem. Sometimes, cleaning air conditioning ducts can do a lot to prevent problems and improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. The following air conditioner duct cleaning information will help you with these tasks:

Filters and Their Functions

An important component of your air conditioner is the air filter. This is a specially designed filter that allows air to flow through it while capturing small particles from dust and pollen. These can be either disposable or electrostatic air filters. When you have your ducts cleaned, the filter will also need to be either changed or cleaned. You can also upgrade the air filter for your system if you have a lot of issues with dust and allergens.

Cleaning Air Conditioner Equipment

In addition to changing the filter, there is also other equipment that can be cleaned while you are having your ducts cleaned. The air conditioning unit itself should be cleaned with chemicals to remove dirt during the duct cleaning process. In addition, the duct cleaning service will also clean the AC coils, which will improve the circulation of air and ensure it is clean when the system is on.

Cleaning Your AC Air Ducts

The process of cleaning air ducts is done with industrial equipment that is attached to the vents in your home. First, the furnace air handler is disconnected, and then the returns are opened. The duct cleaning professionals will use specially designed air nozzles to blow dust and loosen particles inside the ductwork and blower fans. Once the particles have been loosened, a vacuum system will be attracted to the air handler and return to suck up all the debris. The vents will also be removed and cleaned with chemicals to remove dust and buildup.

Other Ways to Improve Your Air Quality

In addition to cleaning your air conditioner ductwork, there are other solutions that can be used to reduce problems with air quality. The easiest solution is to use electrostatic filters and service your AC regularly to prevent the buildup of dust and particles. You can also install a complete air purification system if you have a problem with dust and allergens in your home that a filter can't deal with efficiently.

If you have a problem with dirty ducts, contact a duct cleaning service to clean them to reduces problems.