Is Your Furnace Not Blowing Hot Air? Here Are 3 Common Reasons Why This Could Be Happening

While your furnace may serve you efficiently during the cold season, there may come a time when you notice cold air blowing out of your vents. When this happens, you should address the issue immediately with the help of a heater repair professional, or your indoor environment may be unbearable. Here are some common reasons why your heater may fail to blow hot air.

1. Your air filter is clogged 

If you haven't changed your air filter in a while, it will likely have a clog that will block your furnace's air. This causes your heater to work harder and longer to heat your home sufficiently. In doing so, soot can build up on your heat exchanger, causing it to overheat. To avoid failure due to overheating, your furnace will automatically turn off the burners, and cold air will blow for a while to cool your unit to a safe level. You can easily resolve this issue by changing your furnace air filter. If you do this and your furnace is still overheating, seek the assistance of a furnace repair technician. Failure to take this step may cause your heat exchanger to fail, necessitating expensive repairs.

2. Your thermostat may be damaged

If you're using an electric furnace and it's blowing cold air, your thermostat could be the source of your problem. Sometimes, you may forget and leave your thermostat fan setting to "On". Remember that your heater will blow hot air to a set temperature, then stop and repeat the same process when the temperature goes below a specific temperature. So, if you leave your setting at "On" instead of "Auto", your heater will blow cold air during its downtime.

This is also a common problem for a thermostat that hasn't been properly installed. If you installed your thermostat without a professional, the model might not be compatible with your heating system. In such a case, contact a furnace replacement expert to address your issue immediately.

3. Your pilot light could be faulty

If you're running a gas furnace, your heater relies on the pilot light to ignite and heat your home. But, there are instances when it can malfunction. So, if your pilot light goes out, and this persists even after you light it up yourself, check and clean any debris or dust that could be building up. Remember that your pilot light may also fail to turn on if the gas supply is turned off, particularly if you're using it for the first time in a while. In such cases, all you need to do is turn on the gas supply line. If you turn the gas supply on, and it still doesn't work, ensure you contact a broken furnace repair expert. 

It can be frustrating if your furnace isn't blowing hot air, especially during the cold season. So, if you notice any of the issues highlighted above, be sure to seek the assistance of a heater repair professional.