Maintaining Your Furnace's Blower

Your heating system is an intricate network of components that work together to produce hot air. Without a system that is working efficiently, it can be challenging to keep your home's interior a comfortable temperature.

Many homeowners overlook the importance of maintaining their furnace's blower. The blower plays a critical role in helping to push heated air out of the furnace and into your home's air ducts. Failure to maintain the blower could compromise the function of your home's heating system as a whole.

1. Keep the blower's fan blades clean.

If you want your furnace's blower to function properly, you need to maintain the blower's fan blades. These blades spin at a high rate of speed to produce the power needed to move hot air through your heating system.

Over time, the fan blades can accumulate dust and debris. If left uncleaned, this dirt and debris could damage the delicate fan blades. Use a soft cloth to carefully wipe down each fan blade on a regular basis, taking caution not to bend or jostle the blades themselves.

2. Keep the blower's motor clean.

In addition to cleaning the blower's fan blades, you need to clean the blower's motor regularly if you want your heating system to function properly. The motor that powers your furnace's blower can sustain serious damage if allowed to become too dirty.

Dust particles can adhere to the surface of the motor, preventing mechanical components from moving freely. If the motor malfunctions, your heating system will no longer be able to maintain a constant temperature in your home. Take the time to vacuum out the chamber in which your blower's motor is housed. Cleaning the chamber will help protect the motor against dirt-related damage.

3. Replace your furnace's air filter regularly.

Since cleanliness is essential when it comes to the proper performance of your furnace's blower, it's important that you remember to replace your furnace's air filter on a regular basis. The air filter helps to screen out dirt and dust particles from the air that is drawn into the furnace for heating.

Eliminating dirt and debris before it enters your furnace can help reduce the amount of risk these particles pose to your blower. A dirty air filter can compromise the efficiency of your furnace and put your blower at risk of malfunctioning. Replace the air filter every at least once every three months for maximum protection.

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