Beat The Heat With These Tips When Your Air Conditioner Is Broken

Upon noticing the first signs that the air conditioner in your home isn't working as it should, it's important to call your local HVAC contractor right away. Doing so allows you to schedule a repair appointment at the contractor's earliest convenience which, if he or she is busy, might be a couple days away. If this is the case, it's beneficial to think creatively to ensure that you and your family stay cool and comfortable in your home as the temperature begins to rise. Tried-and-tested methods such as cold showers and placing ice packs on your body are useful but don't be afraid to give these other three ideas a shot, too.

Freeze Your Fabrics

Light clothing and light bed sheets are best to use when you're trying to stay cool, but even these fabrics can absorb the heat from your body and make you feel stuffy and hot. A way around this problem is to fold your clothing and sheets, place them in large freezer bags and deposit them in your deep freeze. Over time, the appliance will cool the fabrics and you can quickly don your frozen duds and feel refreshed. Likewise, hurriedly making up your bed with your cold sheets and then hopping in can help you feel cool enough to be able to fall asleep with ease.

Stay Low

The upper floor of your home can get considerably hotter than the ground floor and the basement due to the fact that heat rises. When you have multiple days without an air conditioner, you can expect the upper floor to feel hot and sticky. Get relief from this floor by spending time on your ground floor or, better yet, heading to the basement. If you have a pullout couch in the basement, sleep on it until the A/C is repaired. You can also set a table downstairs to eat your meals.

Add Spice To Your Cooking

Spicy food might feel undesirable when it's hot inside your home, but the reality is that when you eat spices, your body begins to sweat and you'll feel cooler. Think of some simple ways to spice up your cooking with chilies, ginger and other spices that you find enjoyable. Keep in mind that hot meals are problematic – cooking them will heat your home and eating them will make you feel hot. As such, stick to things such as salads, which you can easily spice up.

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