How To Keep From Voiding Your HVAC Warranty

When you buy a new air conditioner or furnace, you're almost always promised that the warranty will protect you if anything goes wrong. While it's true that modern warranties will cover breakdowns for years after the installation, it's not automatic. You need to take action to make sure your warranty will be valid when you call for an air conditioning repair.

Get a Professional Installation

If you like to work around your house, you might be tempted to install your new furnace or air conditioner on your own. This is especially true if you're replacing an existing unit and don't need to worry about running ductwork, pipes, or wiring.

Depending on your warranty, a self-installation may or may not automatically invalidate it. However, a bad installation will always invalidate a warranty.

If the repair technician comes to your home and finds that the problem is caused because parts weren't installed correctly or some other error occurred, your warranty claim won't be honored. If you installed it yourself, you're now on the hook for the repair costs. If you hired a professional HVAC installation contractor, their own warranty on their labor should cover any expenses their mistakes cost you.

Register Your Warranty

Do you remember that little card that came with your air conditioner that asked for your address? Hopefully, you didn't throw it away.

You have to send the registration card in so that the manufacturer knows who the warranty covers and for how long. The deadline depends on the manufacturer, but it is usually a few weeks or months after the purchase date. Before you send it in, make a copy and keep it in a safe place with the original receipt.

Follow Through on Routine Maintenance and Keep Records

Just because you're under warranty doesn't mean you can avoid taking care of your air conditioner. In fact, some warranties require that you follow the routine maintenance schedule to the letter, and they might require you to do it by signing up for a professional preventive maintenance plan.

Save all of your receipts, because you'll probably be asked to provide for proof of maintenance when filing a warranty claim. If the receipt doesn't detail exactly what was done, be sure to get a work order or contract that lists all of the work required by the warranty.

To learn more about how to keep your warranty valid or to schedule professional maintenance, contact a local HVAC repair contractor today.