Alternative Solutions To Your Air Conditioning Woes

Picking out an air conditioner can be a difficult proposition, since there are so many different options out there. You don't need to stick with a central unit, and an alternative solution might be an even better fit for your situation. For example, here are two of the most popular alternative air conditioning methods: portable and evaporative AC's. Portable Air Conditioners One of the most common alternative air conditioning solutions is to get a simple portable unit. [Read More]

Tips For Improving AC Efficiency

If you have been having problems with your air conditioner, then you might be thinking about getting an upgrade. However, that isn't necessarily the best solution. To help you figure out how to increase your HVAC efficiency, here are some tips on reducing your air conditioning expenditures: Track Efficiency Over the Years If you have a very old air conditioner, then you might not have necessarily noticed any changes in efficiency, particularly if the changes have been very gradual. [Read More]

3 Signs You Need To Have Your Sewer System Inspected

Your sewer system is a pivotal component in your home. It removes waste matter from your home and takes it out to the drain field. However, how often do you really think about the system and everything it does for you? For the most part, people tend to overlook all of the benefits to these systems. They don't think about them until the drains start backing up inside of the home and causing additional problems. [Read More]

Why Is Icing Bad For An Air Conditioner?

On a cold day, you might want your air conditioner to feel as cold as ice. However, if your air conditioner actually has ice on it, it is a sign of a serious problem. Here's what causes icing and what you can do about it. What Happens When An Air Conditioner Ices Up? If you hear the air conditioner running but don't feel any air coming out, ice is a likely cause. [Read More]