Air Conditioning System Cleaning For Improved Indoor Air Quality

If you have problems with your air ducts, you want to choose the best solutions to deal with the problem. Sometimes, cleaning air conditioning ducts can do a lot to prevent problems and improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. The following air conditioner duct cleaning information will help you with these tasks: Filters and Their Functions An important component of your air conditioner is the air filter. This is a specially designed filter that allows air to flow through it while capturing small particles from dust and pollen. [Read More]

Drain Cleaning Terrors That Cause Disasters And What You Should Know About Clogged Drains

Drain clogs are a little-known cause of home disasters. Most of us just plug up the drain with cleaning products and hair, but that's no help! In fact, "boil and bite" methods cause more problems than you can imagine. The root of your problem is typically a simple build-up on the walls of the drain and pipe and not actually the drain itself, but clearing the pipe is what most people do, and not surprisingly, this is never successful. [Read More]

How To Deal With A Propane Crisis: Planning Ahead For Winter

A propane crisis is just as scary as it sounds. While having a propane crisis doesn't necessarily mean that you will run out of propane, it can mean things such as price increases or the disruption of delivery services. Planning ahead for how you are going to survive a propane crisis can be the difference between freezing and using another source of heat for cooking. Here are some things you can do to help before, during, and after a propane crisis: [Read More]

3 Symptoms You Can't Ignore On Aging AC Systems

Replacing an air conditioning system isn't a cheap job. Getting the most efficiency from your new unit usually means replacing the condenser and air handler units as a pair, which can be costly in both parts and labor. If you're trying to save some money, it can make sense to extend the life of your existing air conditioner for as long as possible. While you'll probably need to give up the fight eventually, there are a few repairs you can make to keep even a venerable old AC unit operational. [Read More]