The Advantages Of An In-Wall Air Conditioner

If you are thinking of having AC installed in a home that does not currently have air conditioning, then it pays to consider a few different types of air conditioners. Central AC is an option, of course, but you may also want to get quotes for in-wall air conditioning. Here are some key advantages of in-wall air conditioning in a residential setting.

There’s No Need for Ducts

If your home does not have ducts, adding them is a lot of work. Your HVAC contractor may have to make holes in some walls or remove those walls temporarily. Installing an in-wall air conditioner is a lot easier as there are no ducts involved. Even if your home does have ducts, choosing an in-wall air conditioner means your HVAC contractor won't have to tie into them, which can save them a lot of work.

The Air Conditioner Will Not Be in the Way

With a standard, central AC system, you have vents in every room. If they are on the floor, you will have to arrange your furniture around them. If they are low on the wall, you'll face similar challenges. With an in-wall air conditioner, though, the AC unit will be high up on the wall. Usually, they are placed just a few inches from the ceiling. 

You Can Easily Clean and Maintain the Unit

Wall-mounted air conditioners are easy to access and clean. You can stand on a step ladder and wipe down the vent at the front of the AC unit now and then. You can easily pull the air filter out and change it yourself, too. If anything goes wrong with the unit, your HVAC contractor can also easily access it and work on it.

These Units Are Affordable

In-wall air conditioners tend to cost less than central air units. This is largely because they are smaller and require fewer materials to make. Plus, they are easier for HVAC contractors to install, which reduces your labor costs. The repair and maintenance costs are likely to be lower over time, too. All in all, in-wall air conditioners are a cost-saving option.

If you want to save money on AC, have an easy installation process, and keep your AC system out of the way, then an in-wall air conditioner is a great choice. Get a quote from a local HVAC company, and ask them any other questions that come up. Contact an AC installation service near you to learn more.