3 Reasons Your AC Unit Is Contributing To A Dusty Home

Have you recently noted the air in your home is dusty, but no matter how regularly you clean, there is still dust lurking around? Maybe the problem is not how often or how well you clean. The issue could be with your HVAC unit. Here are three reasons your AC system is contributing to a dusty home. 

Your Ducts Are Dirty and Leaking 

There are so many chores around the house, and it could be hard to remember that your air conditioner needs some cleaning. When did you last schedule an inspection or had technicians clean your air conditioning ducts?

Despite how clean your home is, ducts will get dirty over time as dust and pet fur get in the floor vents. These particles could get trapped in the unit. So, the dusty air could be due to dirty ducts. Fortunately, you can schedule air conditioner duct cleaning with HVAC technicians.

Leaking ductwork may be the reason for dusty air flowing into your home. Remember, most ductwork is done through the walls or beneath the floor, which are dusty places. So, if there is a leak, the dust could make its way inside and contaminate the air flowing out of your AC unit. A routine inspection of your unit can help identify leaks and repair them before they accelerate.

Accumulated Dirt in the Vents

Your air conditioning unit has different vents to draw in air and circulate it around your home. It contains intake vents responsible for sucking air into the unit. Intake vents are common in the master bedroom and living room.

They are prone to get clogged over time as dirt, pet hair, and other particles can slowly accumulate and completely block them. Besides dispensing dusty air around your home, clogged vents make the system inefficient.

Your Unit Is Outdated

While your air conditioner may still be functional after a decade, it doesn't mean it is effective. Sometimes, dusty air lurking in your home signals your unit is inefficient and might need replacing. You can call HVAC contractors to assess your system and make a few repairs and replacements. However, sometimes, it is time to tune up your air conditioner and upgrade to an updated model.

Cleaning your home twice as hard and investing in expensive cleaning products may not be the solution you need for dust floating around your home. You can resolve the issue by scheduling air conditioner duct cleaning and the whole system inspection with an HVAC technician to do away with the dust problem.

Contact an AC service if you notice any of these signs.