Fryer Parts Restaurant Owners Should Keep On-Hand

Commercial fryers are known for being pretty long-lived and durable. However, there are certain parts that can fail from time to time. When this happens, you don't want it to slow down your service and stop you from using the fryer for any longer than necessary. Keeping the following commercial fryer parts on hand will allow you to make the most common repairs at a moment's notice.


Commercial fryers typically come with perfectly sized baskets that fit inside the fryer basin and hook over the side. Some generic baskets may work, but it's hard to know until you try. Keeping an extra basket or two on-hand will ensure you're not left without a way to fry if one of your baskets loses its handle or develops a hole. Buy one made by your fryer's manufacturer so you know it will fit. Check that it is labeled to fit the exact fryer model that you have.


If you ever go to turn the fryer on and it does not even fire up, there's a good chance the ignitor is to blame. This is the part that lights the gas to turn the fryer on. It's not typically too hard to replace; you unscrew the old one and screw the new one into place. Keep an ignitor on hand so you can replace your own if needed.


There are several o-rings on most fryers. They're usually found beneath the baskets in the areas where the gas lines run up to the burner. Since the o-rings are made from rubber, they can break down over time. Keep some extras on hand so you can replace any that start to look worn. Replacing them before they break completely is much safer.

Temperature Probe Holder

If the temperature probe holder breaks, you can still use the fryer, but you'll have to always be pulling the thermometer in and out, which can get cumbersome. It's easier to keep an extra temperature probe holder handy. This way, if the old one cracks or comes loose, which does happen quite often, you can stick a new one on and get back to frying.

Gas Valve

If the gas valve breaks, the fryer typically won't start because the gas won't come through the tube. So, keeping an extra gas valve on hand is a smart idea. Just make sure you turn the gas off before you attempt to repair this one.

If you have a commercial fryer in your restaurants, make sure you keep the necessary Frymater replacement parts to make quick repairs. A good supplier can give you a better idea of what you need.