4 Types of Services Carried Out by HVAC Companies

The HVAC industry has grown in recent years, with more and more people interested in its various services. As a result, there are now four main categories of services that an HVAC company can offer: 

  • Installation of HVAC equipment

  • Maintenance of the equipment

  • Repair

  • Replacement with newer, more efficient HVAC equipment

While each individual service may differ from each other, they all share a common goal – ensuring your home's heating system is running at its full potential all year-round. You'll have complete comfort when needed.

Installation of HVAC Equipment

When building a new house, you have to consider your heating and cooling needs. Installing HVAC equipment is regarded as a significant part of this process. However, if you are renovating an existing home, installing a heating and cooling system usually means getting rid of the old system and replacing it with new electrical wiring or ducting to transport heated air throughout your house.

The installation service provided by HVAC companies will depend on what type of HVAC equipment they are installing. For example, suppose a company is installing a heating and cooling system for your home that relies on gas or oil as its primary power source. In that case, the installation process will be different than one using electricity. The company will advise you on the best installation based on your needs, available fuel options, size of the home, and budget.

Maintenance Services

After installation, the equipment requires periodical checks or inspections to ensure its working correctly. Maintenance also involves cleaning, oiling the movable parts, and changing the filters. The company will give you a maintenance schedule that, when followed, will minimize costly repairs.

Repair Services

Even with good maintenance, an HVAC unit can break down. You can call the installation company for a quick diagnosis and repair. To know when the system has broken down, you need to understand how it operates. While it can still run while faulty, this can lead to more damage and increased fuel consumption. 

Replacement Services

Have you had the HVAC unit for a long time? Does it break down often, use more power to run, and doesn't meet your current needs? Then, it's time to get a replacement. The HVAC company can advise you on the best type of system for your needs and budget. 

Remember to go for a more energy-efficient option that will use less power, decreasing your energy consumption. To get satisfying services from your HVAC company, choose an experienced, reputable, and professional provider who is ready to walk with you on this journey for a long time.