3 Frequently Forgotten AC Maintenance Tasks

Your central air conditioning system needs to be well-maintained in order to perform properly. Without maintenance, you're going to have a system breakdown much sooner than if you maintain your system properly. In addition, if you do maintain your system, it can last for much longer. Read on for some of the most forgotten maintenance tasks you should remember to do.

1. Cleaning the External Unit

The external unit is going to be exposed to all types of elements. It is going to need to be cleaned to remove the dirt buildup, in addition to the pollen and other buildup on the unit. When all of this buildup accumulates, it can block the airflow to your system and choke the system. Clean the unit by spraying it down with a garden hose, but be careful because anything with a powerful spray can damage the delicate fins on the exterior of the unit. If these fins are bent, it can also cause a block of airflow to your system. Use the garden hose and a traditional sprayer to remove the buildup.

2. Changing the Air Filter

This is a task most homeowners forget to do. Forgetting this task can result in your system shutting down entirely, which can then turn into a costly repair to get it working again. Change the air filter every other month to prevent a block of the airflow to your system in the interior of your home. The air filter will trap allergens inside your home, but if it's clogged with dirt and dust it can block the airflow. Change it bimonthly, before you have a breakdown.

3. Checking Your Air Vents

Check that all of your air vents are open and aren't clogged with debris, or blocked by furniture. Also, be sure these vents are kept clean. Clean them at least once per year or more often if you have a lot of dander in your home. Open up all of the vents and allow at least two feet of space between the vent and any piece of furniture to ensure the air is flowing around the room and your home properly.

These are just a few of the maintenance tasks most people forget to do. There are other maintenance tasks that should also be done. Hire an HVAC maintenance technician to come to your home to perform air conditioning maintenance services on your system to keep your system running smoothly.