Installing a New AC Unit in Your Home

A new AC installation can be a major enhancement to your home. When choosing one of these systems for your home, you should review and consider many factors as they will impact the performance of your newly installed AC system will be able to provide.

1. Ensure You Choose a Suitable Blower for Your Home's Size

Choosing a blower that is underpowered can be a problem that homeowners with larger houses will frequently make. If the unit's blower is too weak, it will be unable to effectively distribute the cooled air throughout the home's interior. In addition to making it harder to keep the interior of the house a comfortable temperature, this can also increase the wear on the AC system by increasing the amount of time that this system will have to run to cool the home's interior. Individuals with homes that have multiple floors or that are expansive one-level properties.

2. Consider Choosing an AC Unit That Has Energy Monitoring Capabilities

It is often the case that a home's AC system will be one of the most energy-intensive appliances in the house. Being able to actively monitor the amount of power that the unit is using can be useful for a variety of reasons. For example, this can allow you to better tailor the temperature settings for this system so that you are keeping the home cool without wasting unnecessary energy.

Additionally, increased energy usage can often indicate that the system is suffering significant wear that may be preventing its components from functioning optimally. Many modern AC units can come equipped with an energy usage panel. This panel will allow you to see in real-time the amount of power that the AC unit is drawing.

3. Avoid Overloading Your Home's Power Grid with the New AC System

When upgrading to a new AC unit, choosing one that draws more power than the home's electrical grid can accommodate can be a serious mistake. This can even cause considerable damage to the electrical system of the home. Understanding the maximum electrical output that your home can handle will be an important step when choosing a new AC system for the house. Not surprisingly, this can cause many homeowners to invest in having an electrical assessment of the house done before they commit to a particular type of AC system.

This type of assessment should only marginally add to the costs and time needed to install a new AC unit, but it can potentially save you from costly and disruptive electrical problems in the future.

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