Chasing The Dust Bunnies Out Of The Ventilation Holes: How This Service Is Done

Dust bunnies: the words conjure up the image of a fluffy ball of cute dust, right? Sadly, most dust bunnies are anything but "cute." Instead, the balls of hair, dust, dead insect husks, and dead skin bits are an accumulation of the worst of everything that causes people to sneeze, cough, and react every time the furnace kicks on or the air conditioning is blowing. A professional duct cleaning service chases those dust bunnies out of their ventilation holes and into a containment vacuum system that will not release anything back into your home. Here is how the process is typically completed. 

An HVAC Contractor Schedules a Time to Come to Your Home

You have to call an HVAC company that offers duct cleaning services. Not all HVAC businesses provide this service, so you will need to find one that specifically advertises for this. The contractor will arrange a date and time with you to come to your home. You will have to make sure that all of your vents are free and clear of furniture and debris because the contractor needs to reach into every vent and duct in the home to do a thorough job. 

The Contractor Arrives, Surveys the Vents, and Selects a Room in Which to Begin

On the date of your service, the contractor arrives, surveys all of the vents in each room of your home, asks you if there are any vents that cannot be reached for some reason, and then selects a room in which to start. He/she will remove a vent cover, send a scope into the duct, and show you how many dust bunnies "live" in there. It may really surprise you, especially if you have never had this service done in all the years that you have lived in your home.

Once you have seen how filthy the ducts are, the contractor withdraws the scope and sends in the vacuuming wand that will suck out all of the dirt and dust and remove every last dust bunny in that general vicinity of that vent. Then he/she will send the scope back inside to make sure everything was cleared out and is now clean. If it checks out, the contractor puts the vent cover back on this vent and moves on to every other vent in your home (including the cold air return vents). When every vent has been cleaned and cleared, the job is complete.