Ductless Air Conditioning: Is Your House A Good Candidate?

Looking for home cooling solutions can turn up many options. Ductless multi-split systems might seem almost suspicious if you've lived life with traditional systems; concerns about whether this method of cooling is adequate may exist. Before you purchase ductless multi-split air conditioning, you must decide if such systems are worth the installation time and financial investment. What home situations benefit most from ductless multi-split options?

Aging Homes

If you're still suffering through life at home with heavy window AC units, ductless systems can save you. Window units are terribly bulky, hard to store when not in use, and can weigh down window frames. Perhaps more annoyingly, units are so loud that you probably have to turn the TV volume way higher than usual. Hearing anything else is a struggle. 

Ductless multi-split units are much quieter and don't put strain on anything in your home. In typical setups the condenser unit is likely to be parked in the back yard, and then smaller multi-split units will go in individual rooms for cooling; tubes connect them. 

Another great thing about multi-split systems is that some also provide heating. For old homes with failing baseboards or other heating issues, one solitary ductless installation will rectify all HVAC concerns. You won't have to pay for something else.

New Additions

More children or new residents in the house can necessitate more space. Room additions can be done, but you'll have to then heat and cool the people in those rooms. This has the possibility of slowly becoming a headache; will you cut into old walls to stretch out ducts to the new room? Will your family be disturbed by loud noises as the installers place new duct work? It's simpler to use a multi-split system in this case. A mini-split device will be mounted on the wall, and anyone in the newly added room will be as comfortable as anyone in another part of your home.

Planned Homes

If the home isn't even standing yet, exploring HVAC systems is natural. You may already have other elements planned, and having to change them to suit traditional HVAC ducts is bothersome. Organizing rooms because of the way ducts will be arranged could drastically change your vision. Ductless multi-split systems offer freedom of planning, letting you design your dream house just the way you want.

This information may settle uncertainty over whether a ductless system could be favorable. For more details, sit down with professionals who install and maintain ductless air conditioning services such as the ones at  Jahnke  Heating & Air.