3 Things You Should Know About Floor Vent Covers For Your HVAC System

If you have central heating and air in your home, you might have floor vents in the various rooms of your house. If so, you probably have vent covers on top of these vents. Many people don't think much about these vent covers, but these are a few things that you may want to know about them.

1. You Can Swap Them Out

A lot of homes come standard with metal vent covers. Even though these are generally perfectly functional, the truth is that they can be a bit unsightly. This can really take away from the aesthetics of your home. Luckily, you don't have to keep the same ugly vent covers in your home if you don't want to. If you shop around, you can actually choose from different styles and colors of vent covers. For example, you can choose vent covers that look like wood, or you can opt for those that are made out of vinyl. If you choose a color that matches nicely with the decor of your home, you might find that your vent covers are actually something of an accent to your decor rather than being unsightly.

2. They Shouldn't Be Covered Up

Even though your vents might be in somewhat inconvenient areas of your home, there is one important thing that you should remember about them: they shouldn't be covered up. If you make the mistake of covering your vent covers with your furniture, for example, you have to worry about your home not being kept as cool during the summer or as warm during the winter as you would like. Therefore, it's important to be careful about how you place furniture and other items so that your vents can do their jobs.

3. They Can Be Cleaned

Over time, your vent covers can become dirty from dust, dirt, pet hair and other debris in your home. Luckily, they can be cleaned pretty easily. You can use your vacuum cleaner hose to thoroughly vacuum them when you are vacuuming the rest of your home, which should do the trick for most debris. If you'd like to do a more thorough cleaning, you can simply unscrew them from the floor and then clean them by hand. Some types can even be put in the dishwasher, or you can clean them with a soft cloth and your favorite cleaning solution. Then, they will be nice and clean when you screw them back down on top of your vents.

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