Keys For Improving The Efficiency Of Your AC System

While technology can do a lot for reigning in your AC costs, the latest technology is not always the answer. Does this mean you should not buy a thermostat that links with your home and allows you to control the temperature of your home from far away? No. Should you buy the latest, greatest most efficient AC system you can? Yes. Acquiring the right technology will help you to reign in your AC costs, but if you really want to get things under control, you need to look to low-tech options like installing reflective window film and planting trees. 

Why Window Film?

An AC system is a reactive system. It will do nothing to keep your home cool until the temperature in your home rises to the preset point on your thermostat. In other words, it does nothing to prevent your home from heating up in the first place. What causes your home to heat up? One huge culprit is the sunlight streaming through your windows. UV rays will flow right through panes of glass and heat up the interior surfaces of your home, and they will in turn heat up the air in your home. Reflective window film will deflect the sun's UV rays before they have a chance to cause problems. In this way, window film can reduce the need for your AC unit to run and thus cut your cooling costs by up to 23%

And Trees?

How do trees help you to save money on cooling costs? Your condenser coils, which sit outside your house and are responsible for expelling the heat from inside your home into the outside air, require relatively cool air to cool the coolant running through them. Trees cool the air through a process known as evapotranspiration. Basically, trees are constantly releasing water vapor into the air and this vapor absorbs heat from the surrounding air. This cooled air then settles into your yard where it is available to help your condenser coils cool the air running through them. If your condenser coils do not have to work as hard, you use less energy, which means you end up paying less energy to cool your home. 

In this modern, technology-driven world, it is easy to think that if you look hard enough, you can find a gadget or an app to help you solve any problem. While technology can help solve many problems, you have to understand the forces that cause your home to heat up in the first place and the forces that allow your AC system to cool your home back down, in order to come up with strategies to reduce heat gain in your home even as you boost the function of your AC system. Such is the key to saving money on cooling costs. 

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