Four Tips For Heating Your Home With A Biomass Boiler And Central HVAC

When you think about boilers and biomass heating, you probably think about radiant heating. These heating systems can also be used to provide your home with conventional central HVAC through ductwork. They also have other additional benefits, such as giving you a district heating solution of your homestead. Here are some tips to help you with using a biomass boiler to heat your home:  

1. Choosing From The Different Types Of Biomass Boilers

There are many different types of biomass boilers that you can choose from to have added to your home. If your home is in an urban environment where getting firewood can be a problem, there are systems that use an organic pellet fuel material that is widely available. For rural properties, a wood burning boiler may be a good option for an affordable heating system for your home.

2. Using Your Biomass Boiler For Multiple Energy Needs And District Heating

The biomass boiler you have installed for your home can also be used for many different energy needs. In addition to heating your home, a boiler can also be used to provide your home with hot water. If you want to add heating to a detached structure, such as a shop, biomass can also be used for a district heating solution.

3. Regular Maintenance To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Biomass Boiler

Maintaining your biomass boiler is also important. Without proper maintenance, your boiler can have a loss of energy efficiency. It can also cause it to stop and have other problems. To prevent these problems, clean the boiler once a month and more often during the coldest months of the year. You may also want to talk to the furnace installer about scheduling regular maintenance for your boiler.

4. Other Alternative Energy Solutions To Integrate With Your Biomass Boiler System

Biomass boilers also make is simple to integrate other alternative energy solutions into your home's mechanical systems. This can be done by adding a solar water heater that is connected to the water heater. You can also use geothermal solutions to integrate with your biomass boiler. You can talk with a furnace installation service about the types of alternative energy solutions that are the most practical for your home.

These are some tips to help you with using a biomass boiler to heat your home. If you are ready to add a biomass heating system to your homestead, contact an HVAC contractor and ask them about using a boiler as an alternative to a conventional furnace for your central heating system.